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Sasha And Malia Obama Are OMG So Embarrassed By Their Dorky Dad

Illustration for article titled Sasha And Malia Obama Are OMG So Embarrassed By Their Dorky Dad

President Obama has revealed that his teen daughters are just as terrifying as regular-non-President's-daughter teens, but unlike regular teens, Sasha and Malia Obama are, like, IRL friends with Beyonce. Maybe we should send that trio to the really tough diplomatic negotiations.


During an end-of-year interview with People magazine (which doesn't hit newsstands in full until Friday), the President joked that the "three opinionated, strong, tall women" who live under his roof don't shy away from Mean Girl-ing up on him, occasionally making fun of the size of his ears or the way he dresses (no specifics were given in People's preview of the interview, but I can't imagine any self-respecting teen participating in a Gang Up would be able to resist commenting on the Commander-in-Chief's affinity for Dad Jeans).

Like regular teen girls (non-Obamas), the First Daughters are much more adept at technology than their parents and they regularly herd their friends away from parental small talk.

"Malia had friends over, and there was a question about whether she was going to even introduce them [to her dad], because sometimes he gets a little formal, asking them about school and interests," the First Lady tells PEOPLE. "She says, 'I don't know if my friends can handle that.'" Then she turns to her husband and says, "But she said that you actually did quite well."

"I acquitted myself well," notes the President. "I did not embarrass her."


Could I love the First Family more? No. No, I could not.

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Sasha and Malia, I love you girls but you don't even know what an embarrassing dad is! Your dad asks your friends about their homework? My dad made any boy that came over listen to him play the accordion before they could watch a movie in the basement with me, and my dad got REALLY into playing the accordion.