You know what’s bullshit? Women being paid less to do the same jobs as dudes. This is why Sarah Silverman is buying a penis … in the name of economic equality, of course.

The comedian's new video was created by Droga5 and pushed by the National Women's Law Center, an organization that is not-so-seriously crowd-sourcing $30 trillion to close America's gender wage gap. The NWLC is joking, but their point is serious.


In a new clip for their Equal Payback Project, Silverman spouts off stats about how much less women make than men over the course of their lives (half a million bucks! On average!) and then hatches a penis-buying plan to fix this conundrum.

While joking about buying a fake dick won't fix the problem, knowing enough about it to ask for meaningful change will. We hope. At the very least we got some dick jokes out of it.