Late the other night, comedian and activist Sarah Silverman was visited by none other than Jesus Christ himself. The purpose of this drop-in? Jesus is sick of people using his name to spread intolerance and oppression and he wants Silverman to help him in getting folks to cut it the fuck out. After the mission was imparted, the pair sat down to watch some NCIS, braid each others hair and talk about important life issues like abortion. (A perfect slumber party, in other words.)

"Jesus, when does life begin?" Silverman asked.

"At forty," he joked back, then answering more seriously: "But fertilized eggs aren't people. People are people...but people who believe fertilized eggs ARE people are people, too. You have to love them."


You know, while JC's unwillingness to ever talk shit about anyone probably gets kind of old after awhile (I WANT TO GOSSIP ABOUT THE 12 APOSTLES), he seems like a pretty cool dude.