Sarah Paulson to Play Marcia Clark in Ryan Murphy's O.J. Simpson Drama

Illustration for article titled Sarah Paulson to Play Marcia Clark in Ryan Murphys O.J. Simpson Drama

From American Horror Story to … O.J. Simpson? Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who stretched his weirdo wings with AHS and the fabulous Sarah Paulson, has a new FX show called American Crime Story coming in 2015.

The first season will center on the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and the trial of O.J. Simpson. Cuba Gooding Jr. will play the former football star and convict while Paulson will play prosecuting attorney Marcia Clark. No word who will play the silver-tongued Johnnie Cochran or the cranky Judge Lance Ito, but I anxiously await those announcements as well as Paulson's inevitable perm.

According to New York Magazine, the show will be based on Jeffrey Toobin's book The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Like me, New York writer Margaret Lyons wonders if the American Crime Story casting director plans to plant a Kardashian in the show because Kris Jenner and Nicole were buddies. We shall see.


Image via AP.

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