Sarah Paulson Meeting Marcia Clark Is the Most Romantic Thing That Will Ever Happen to You

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For those of you who upon hearing the name “Ryan Murphy” make like a grade A imitation Chris Christie during Trump’s speech in Palm Beach on Super Tuesday, you might not have heard that his latest TV proffering is actually kind of good maybe? It also means that The New York Times had an excuse to interview Sarah Paulson, who stars as attorney Marcia Clark in Murphy’s American Crime: The People vs. OJ Simpson. Unbeknownst to me before I began to read it, she also proved that whatever romance I thought I had experienced was paltry in comparison to the mere glimpse Sarah decided to share with those who read the profile. Yes: the chosen few.


Lo, let us behold the most romantic moment that will happen in any of our lives:

“’I remember her coming through the revolving door, and there was this dappled light coming through the windows, so I couldn’t quite see her face,’ Ms. Paulson said. ‘But I had studied her physical mannerisms so much that I could tell by her walk and her hands, the way she was pushing. And then, of course, the one thing I could see was that mole, illuminated and kissed by the sun.”

In walked Marcia Clark.

They ate, ordered tequila and talked for so long that they closed the place down.”


The tequila really makes it, no?

If you are already rolling back your imaginary Internet commenting sleeves with the name “Holland Taylor” emblazoned across your tongue, there is something here in this interview for you (and me) too. Here she is talking about meet-cutes and things:

“The women first met at a dinner party about a decade ago, when Ms. Paulson was still with Ms. [Cherry] Jones [her former partner]. Nevertheless, she thought Ms. Taylor was ‘probably the most exquisitely beautiful woman I’d ever seen.’”

Really, the interview is stuffed with pretty excellent tidbits, from Paulson admission of only seriously dating people older than her, which is a fascinating diatribe (“I can’t say it any other way than there’s a poignancy to it, a heightened sense of time and value of time”) to Aaron Sorkin actually saying something really nice about a lady.

The only thing missing is Sarah Paulson’s dolphin impression, because if you haven’t heard that, then you haven’t heard the truest singing of angels.

BRB gonna watch Sarah Paulson’s perfect face and David Schwimmer say “Juice” in The People vs. OJ now.


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I love Aaron Sorkin and Studio 60 and I don’t care who knows it!