Sarah Palin's Hairdresser Gets Own Reality Show

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One of my favorite things (okay, the only favorite thing) about Sarah Palin is her beautiful hair. So perhaps it's only fitting that her hair salon, the Beehive, should get its own two-part reality show.

The name: "Big Hair Alaska." TLC, which declined to renew the roguester's own reality show, will air the two part series in September. Weirdly, their announcement was cagey about the Palin connection, according to Reuters:

The identity of the salon was not revealed in a news release sent out last week by TLC. The release simply said the show "goes inside a busy hair salon in Wasilla, Alaska, where the personalities of the owner and her staff are as big as the hairstyles they create."


With all respect to the sartorial traditions of Wasilla, we're going to guess it's not a coincidence that this salon of all salons is being spotlighted. But maybe the reason Palin was left out of the announcement is because her brand has declining marketplace value, at least when it comes to the media business. Beyond the unrenewed show, a recent documentary lionizing her had a widely-mocked box office gross of $112,078. Though her first book did well, the more recent one tanked.

Surely we can blame this on the lamestream media, somehow. But at least she's always have Facebook.

Palin's Alaska Hair Salon Gets Own Reality Show [Reuters]

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Seize: it's about ethics in gossip journalism

I fucking love that the people who were hired to follow around Sarah Palin and film her were successfully distracted by some sassy hairdressers.

Kinda says something about her niche.