Sarah Palin’s PAC Sued for Copy/Pasting Some 9/11 Patriotism

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The PAC of Sarah Palin, bless her wolf-blastin’, helicopter-swervin’, cable news-declaimin’ heart, has run afoul of a New Jersey-based newspaper for appropriating some patriotic, September 11 imagery.

A lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan federal court by North Jersey Media Group Inc. claims that Palin’s SarahPAC — which, let’s be honest, sounds like the name of a wolf-themed Girl Scout troop — posted a copy of an iconic September 11 photo on its website and Facebook page without NJMG’s permission (the photo shows three New York firemen hoisting the American flag in the World Trade Center rubble after the 9/11 attacks).

The lawsuit asks SarahPAC to please stop using the photo, and seeks damages. SarahPAC didn’t respond to media requests for comment, but hopefully we can all look forward to some special edition wolfpack cookies, made with coconut flakes and real, artificially sweetened wolf bits.


[AP via CBS News]

Image via Getty, Justin Sullivan

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You know, Sarah Palin must be inspiring numerous dissertations on the creation of a celebrity and the endurance of fame. "How to Turn Fifteen Minutes into Five Years and Counting" sounds like a good title.

My academic years are behind me, but I'd buckle down and read anything that can explain why this woman still gets media attention...