Sarah Palin Invites Biker Boys To Visit Her Fishing Hole

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  • Sarah Palin appears on American Chopper tonight to laud the patriotism of Paul Teutul and his son, Paul Jr., as well as invite them to her fishin' hole. That's not a euphemism. [ThinkProgress]
  • At last night's primetime press conference, Barack Obama said he thinks waterboarding is torture, regardless of what Sean Hannity or a bunch of self-serving, legacy-protecting GOP asswipes say. [Reuters]
  • Condoleezza Rice says that since President Bush was fine with the waterboarding, and that obviously torture wasn't illegal, despite the fact that Nixon tried that excuse once and was excoriated until he had the good sense to die. [Huffington Post]
  • President Obama is also concerned about Pakistan becoming more of a clusterfuck than it already is. See? He's paying attention! [NY Times]
  • One thing he wasn't paying attention to last night was Fox News. [Politico]
  • Republicans are pointing fingers at one another following Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter's departure from the GOP, with even Senator Orrin Hatch suggesting that GOP donor dollars might be better directed at defeating Democrats in general elections than defeating moderate Republicans in primaries with candidates that can't win general elections. Who I would ever pronounce Orrin Hatch the shining intellectual light of the GOP? [Politico]
  • Despite what she may believe, Meghan McCain, is no intellectual light of the GOP. Also, people write her mean e-mails. [Daily Beast]
  • Only 20 percent of Americans currently identify as Republican. [Plum Line]
  • Which is, of course, why some GOP officials are trying to strip GOP Chairman Michael Steele of any actual power within the Republican National Committee. You can't be a token if you have any real power to change anything! [Politico]
  • The prosecutions of the Bush Administration's biggest pro-torture advocates are apparently back on in Spain. [Daily Beast]
  • The House passed a federal hate crimes bill for LGBT Americans yesterday, but not without Alcee Hastings reading a list of sex acts an unidentified GOP colleague tried to make sure weren't covered under the bill — including pedophilia, necrophilia and zoophilia. Yes, apparently there are Republicans who still believe that homosexuality is exactly like assaulting corpses and/or children and/or animals. [NY Times, Huffington Post]
  • While that was going on, North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx called the Matthew Shepard murder a "hoax". [Huffington Post]
  • In the meantime, the New Hampshire Senate voted to legalize same-sex marriage there, giving a metaphorical finger to assholes like Virginia Foxx and Carrie Prejean. [NY Times]



I caught a bit of Michael Steele's response to the Specter defection on The Daily Show last night and I have to say: he's certifiably crazy.