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Sarah Michelle Gellar: What the Hell, I'll Launch A Lifestyle Brand, Too

Illustration for article titled Sarah Michelle Gellar: What the Hell, Ill Launch A Lifestyle Brand, Too

Much like television, Taylor Swift backlash, and Kim Davis, celebrity lifestyle brands are in their golden age. Gwyneth has Goop, Blake has Preserve, Reese has Draper James, and now Sarah Michelle Gellar has...Foodstirs.


Reports People:

The kid-friendly line, which will be sold online starting in October, includes three signature baking mixes (for brownies, cupcakes and cookies), frostings and specialty curated food crafting kits that come complete with decorative supplies and tools. The products also contain non-gmo ingredients that are free of artificial preservatives, flavors and colors. (A portion of the proceeds from each sale will also go to charity.)


Gellar says the idea came to her when she went to the grocery store to buy a healthy cake mix for her kids, only to be “really surprised that there was no better-for-you baking option.”

She continued:

“I thought baking included butter, sugar and water and I couldn’t even pronounce half the ingredients in these mixes. So, we did some research and made our own from scratch.”

(The I-can’t-pronounce-it-so-it-must-be-bad argument is one of my personal favorites.) Anyway, Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t want to cook with ingredients she couldn’t pronounce, so she started Foodstirs, which are basically just cake mixes.

You can start buying them in October.

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I think I might be dead now.