Money magnet Sarah Jessica Parker keeps literally finding money in the streets of New York City, which, in my opinion, is better than finding those dumbass playing cards Berger used to collect, am I right?

To be specific: I’m not talking cash; rather, paychecks. As in the kind that belong to other people. And because SJP is a bit of a saint, she, herself, is doing the research and reaching out to make sure they get back to their rightful owners. [Page Six]


Kim Kardashian had surgery on her uterus to increase her chances of conceiving a sibling for Nori, a procedure she (and everyone else within her circumference) managed to keep under wraps until now. Footage from the surgery, as well as doctor appointments and the like, will be shared in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Here’s wishing her reproductive system a speedy and happy recovery. [MSN]


Following hot on the heels of news that Harvey Weinstein will not be charged in groping a 22-year old model, rumors have floated that Jerry O’Connell is in talks to host, along with wife Rebecca Romijn, a celebrity gossip talk show to be produced by a joint venture between Radar and the non-groper’s production company. I not-so-secretly wish that Rebecca Romijn would revive House of Style and call it a day. [NY Daily News]

Mariah Carey is looking pretty fly on her new album cover. [Just Jared]

•A person that Drake likely wouldn’t mind making out with, with whom he looks “cozy” in this here snapshot from Coachella: Rihanna. [Hollywood Life]


Bobby Flay’s divorce proceedings are not looking as appetizing as say, a crunchburger. [Page Six]

•We’ll find out who North West’s godmother is in an upcoming episode of KUWTK. [E!]


•Also on the Kardashian-West radar: Kanye, whose Armenian concert ended abruptly when he, um, jumped into a lake? [People]

•Wondermodel Chrissy Teigen has stretch marks, too, and while I’d normally not point to someone else’s “flaw” as a reason to love them more, that she broadcasts her realness so unapologetically means that I do. [Us Weekly]


•While John Legend has launched a campaign to end mass incarceration. [Huffington Post]

Dr. Brandt’s funeral was on Sunday, following his April 5 suicide. [Page Six]

Serena Williams’ bad ass-ness means that tickets to the U.S. Open will likely be their most expensive, ever. [Forbes]


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