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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Possibly Returning to HBO in a Divorce Comedy

Illustration for article titled Sarah Jessica Parker Is Possibly Returning to HBO in a Divorce Comedy

You may remember Carrie—sometimes known as Sarah Jessica Parker—from Sex & the City, a show that birthed a lifetime of puns and introduced the idea of wondering about something. Now, she's in talks to return to HBO for a comedy titled Divorce. Can you not help but wonder ... ... ?


The half-hour show is reportedly in the final stages of approval and centers around "a very, very long divorce." Deadline reports:

The project, which is awaiting a formal pilot green light, is being written by British writer-actress Sharon Horgan. It tells the story of a very, very long divorce and is expected to be produced in New York where Parker lives and Sex and the City also was based. Paul Simms, who has been helping another female actress-creator, Lena Dunham, on her New York-based HBO comedy Girls, has been tapped to assist Horgan as executive producer/showrunner.


In my mind, this is an unofficial SATC sequel wherein Carrie and Big get divorced and she marries the man she should've ended up with, Aidan.

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