Sarah Jessica Parker Endorses Cynthia Nixon Because Friendships Never Go Out of Style

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Sarah Jessica Parker has no patience for skepticism surrounding Cynthia Nixon’s New York gubernatorial bid.


At the Tribeca Film Festival screening of her new film Blue Night, Parker made it clear that her support of her former Sex and the City co-star isn’t just about friendship. After all, Parker initially hesitated before endorsing Nixon. But now, she stans.

From Vanity Fair:

“She’s a born and raised New Yorker. She’s a product of our public-school system—Hunter College. She was raised by a mother that cared enormously about her community and the larger community that surrounded them. She’s been an activist her whole life,” Parker said...

“There is policy that matters to her. She’s concerned about where our dollars and how are dollars are being spent. And like many formidable women, she decided now was the time to talk about those things,” explained Parker. “It’s exciting. I think it’s good for our city to have those conversations. It’s always good to have a challenger. As we know, great candidates deserve great challengers.”

Parker also noted that Nixon has been a strident advocate for the LGBTQ community, public education, and women’s rights.

Nixon announced her run for governor in March. She’s received support from everyone in her Sex and the City family, but has failed to receive endorsements from establishment Democrats. Still, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is shook.

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

She’ll cripple Cuomo by getting a sizable chunk of the vote against him. I’m convinced after seeing this ten minute interview with Colbert because she’s very articulate about the reasons she’s running and why Cuomo is a Republican in sheeps’s clothing. I especially enjoyed how she explained how he was behind the “Independent Democratic Caucus” that cripples progressive legislation. My favorite quote:“The progressive things California is doing...this is what we wanna be doing and we’re just not [because Cuomo is pleasing his big-money donors].”