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Sandy Hook Community Prepares to Go Back to School on Thursday

Illustration for article titled Sandy Hook Community Prepares to Go Back to School on Thursday

With students, teachers, and parents still reeling from December's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, it'll doubtless be a difficult and painful transition when school starts up again this Thursday. Classes are scheduled to start at a repurposed middle school in a neighboring town, where workers have been repainting, setting up furniture, and "raising the floors" so little kids can reach the sinks. And it seems like there's a tiny bit of hope in the flurry of activity:

Connors, a 40-year-old engineer, felt reassured after recently visiting the new setup at the former Chalk Hill school in Monroe. He said his children were excited to see their backpacks and coats, and that the family was greeted by a police officer at the door and grief counselors in the hallways.

Teachers will try to make it as normal a school day as possible for the children, schools Superintendent Janet Robinson said.

"We want to get back to teaching and learning," she said. "We will obviously take time out from the academics for any conversations that need to take place, and there will be a lot of support there. All in all, we want the kids to reconnect with their friends and classroom teachers, and I think that's going to be the healthiest thing."


Wishing them all the normalcy and healing on the entire earth. Or however much they want. Wishing them whatever is the exactly precisely #1 most correct thing to wish them. Sigh.

Sandy Hook students, teachers head back to school [LaCrosseTribune]

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I hope they've got something of a playground set up for the kids. Playgrounds are important for elementary school aged kids and they don't have them at middle schools.