Sandra Fluke Acknowledges Rush Limbaugh Put Her in the Limelight

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Sandra Fluke is a shrewd social justice attorney and soon-to-be candidate for the California Senate. And she's already campaigning.

On Thursday night, during an interview on MSNBC's The Ed Show, she responded with class and media savvy when host Ed Schultz said that conservative pundit and mortal enemy Rush Limbaugh put her on the map by calling her a "slut" over her pro-birth control comments in 2012.

"I think Limbaugh did you a favor by putting you out there like that and I hope you understand where I'm going on that," Schultz said to Fluke. "I mean exposure is very important, people now look to you in a big, big way for leadership on some very pertinent issues."


Instead of railing against Limbaugh's mean-spirited, definitely sexist and possibly drug-induced name-calling again, Fluke took the high road.

“I agree with you that exposure is important,” Fluke said in response. “Because it lets us shine a light on important issues we need to be talking about.”

Fluke went on to say that she thinks she can effect the most “progressive change” from California’s capitol, Sacramento. What'd Ivana Trump say in The First Wives Club? "Don't get mad, get everything."

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Good for her - putting her words into action. Limbaugh can flap his gums all he wants but he's never effected any positive changes in this country.