Sandra Bullock's Stalker Had an 'Arsenal' of Machine Guns

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UGH. NOPE. Joshua Corbett—the man who broke into Sandra Bullock's home while she was there—didn't just have one machine gun, as originally reported. When police searched his apartment, they found SEVEN.

Police later found a machine gun at his home. Authorities just announced ... they now have more than 1 machine gun — they have 7. And police found other weapons as well.

Our law enforcement sources say Corbett was NOT at Bullock's house to burglarize it ... he wanted to see her. Turns out he never did because she locked herself in a room.

The D.A. has now charged Corbett with 19 felonies, including 7 counts of possession of a machine gun, 2 counts of possession of an assault weapon and 10 counts of possession of a destructive device — we're told they're red-tipped tracer rounds. He's also been charged with stalking.


Everything on earth is the worst. Infinite [consensual, non-threatening, internet] hugs to Sandy B. [TMZ]

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Fucking hell. Speaking of stalkers, PLL's Ashley Benson got a restraining order against a Warner Brothers security guard who said that "God" told him to pursue her.

The "Pretty Little Liars" star got a temporary restraining order Wednesday against James Gorton Jr. — a married, 49-year-old who was recently fired from his job as a guard on the Warner Bros. lot where PLL is filmed.

Gorton has told people he has a relationship with Benson ... that he has sexual feelings for her ... and that God instructed him to pursue her romantically ... according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

According to studio security officials ... Gorton told them he felt a special connection with Benson after she happened to glance at him one day, and believed she and others were silently communicating messages to him.

There aren't enough nopes in the universe. [TMZ]

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