Sandra Bullock's First Statement: There Is No Sex Tape

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Bullock broke her silence to address the (evidence-free) rumors that she made a sex tape. (Not that that prevented certain pontificators from pretending it was a thing anyway.) No word on what she thinks of Nazi salutes. [People, Earlier]



I don't think she'll ever comment on the neo-nazi thing and she has 2 good reasons for that:

1. This douche is going to try to break a pre-nup. If the media accounts of her fearing for her safety are true, then he's going to strike out in any way he can and that will most likely be legally. If she really, really wants to break him the easy way she won't breathe one single word that could be taken for libel later. It has to be the high road all the way not matter what.

2. There is a little girl involved in this as well, and apparently she has loved and cared for her as if she were her own daughter. I would think the last thing she would want is for this girl to hear her publicly slam her father. She may not be able to have any legal contact now but it seems she would want to preserve as much of that relationship as possible for a future time when the girl can make her own decisions on who she wants to see.