Sandra Bullock's 911 Stalker Call Will Definitely Give You Nightmares

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At the preliminary hearing for her alleged stalker, Joshua Corbett, a 911 call made by Sandra Bullock was played in court. The call was made from inside a closet after Bullock realized an intruder was in her home, and it’s pretty darned terrifying. Like Panic Room but without the elegant camerawork or Jared Leto’s cornrows.


In an edit of the call posted by the Daily Telegraph, Bullock can be heard saying she locked the “safe door” in her bedroom before getting in the closet. Any idea where I can buy one of those things, Sandy?


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The fear in her voice made me cry.

Someone once tried to break into my apartment while I was there, alone. My screaming chased them away, but it took the police 45 minutes to get there and pronounce the building ‘safe’. When I cried why it had taken them so long, they said: They ran when you screamed, right?