Well, this is absolutely terrifying: a 39-year old man with an "obsession" with Sandra Bullock broke into her house on Sunday morning — while she was sleeping inside.

Law enforcement sources say that they responded to a call about a prowler around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday; the suspect has been arrested on suspicion of residential burglary. They've also revealed that the suspect possibly kept a diary about Bullock and that he was "going through personal items belonging to the actress when police encountered him at her home." Ugh, nooooo.

According to Sandra's publicist, she's "unharmed and fine," which is good. But still, this is so awful and scary — she and her son were sleeping while this creep was pawing through her stuff! Horrible. [E!, Fox News]


Shailene Woodley adopted a disguise to go see The Fault in Our Stars incognito. The disguise was "Shailene Woodley in a luxurious wig." [Daily Mail]


Brad Pitt wore a shirt with a drawing of himself (in a Kangol hat) and Angelina Jolie holding hands printed upon it. IT'S VERY CUTE.

He didn't explain the genesis of the garment, but it's safe to assume that his kids made it. (If not, my second hypothesis is that we're entering Normcore Phase 2.) [PopSugar]

  • In the aftermath of his car accident, Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition but "more responsive" now, according to his spokesman. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Kanye West's birthday cake was really ugly (I hate to cake-shame but this cake is really bad-looking, guys). [Cosmo]
  • So Rita Ora, who is a singer, and Calvin Harris, who makes bleepy-bloopy noises on a laptop professionally, broke up, and apparently it was because Rita Ora and Justin Bieber had a lil' fling. Such intrigue. [TMZ]
  • Here is the first red carpet photo of Leighton Meester and Adam Brody as a married couple. I'm so happy about it. [E!]
  • George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin might get married in Venice. [Page Six]
  • Here are lot of photos of Lady Gaga hanging out in a giant wig. Also, more importantly, HER DOG IS SO CUTE. [ONTD]
  • While we're on the subject — Chrissy Teigen and John Legend adopted a three-legged French bulldog puppy!! [People]
  • In the wake of their breakup, Casper Smart gets to keep two motorcycles, a Jeep and a truck that J. Lo bought him. And the memories of their time together, I guess. [TMZ]
  • Khloe Kardashian and French Montana kissed because they are dating. [Cosmo]
  • Emily Maynard, the Bachelorette of yesteryear, had a surprise wedding. It was not to the man who won her heart on a televised three-week-long makeout session, believe it or not. [Cosmo]


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