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Sandra Bullock Needs Longer Pants Or Taller Boots

Illustration for article titled Sandra Bullock Needs Longer Pants Or Taller Boots

[New York, February 2. Image via INFDaily.]


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I have seen this look cropping up (excuse the pun) a lot here on the west coast and it confuses me. On the one hand, I understand if you are headed to a dance class and you have capri leggings on and you throw your Uggs or whatever on. I do this when I go to my pole fitness class. But I saw a woman walking into Target the other day at 9 am. She was fully dressed, with khaki twill wide-leg capri pants on, and a pair of Uggs. It was really a head-scratcher. What's the point, because don't your calves get cold?

BTW - I have a pair of those Bailey's that Bullock is wearing (in brown), and they are the shit when it comes to warm toastiness. Haters to the left.