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Samuel L. Jackson Has a Message for Everyone Not Staying the Fuck at Home

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Many of us are already practicing staying the fuck at home. Others of us, sadly, are not. To those people, Samuel L. Jackson has a poem he’d like to read to you. It’s called Stay the Fuck at Home.

Stay the Fuck at Home is a sequel of sorts to Adam Mansbach’s 2011 hit, Go the Fuck to Sleep, which made a splash among cool parents for which Mr. Jackson also did the audio book narration.


Similar in style and content to the original, Stay the Fuck at Home urges those who are pondering the possibility of leaving the house to reconsider; to stay, as it were, the fuck at home.

Thematically, Stay the Fuck at Home explores one central question: “Should I stay the fuck at home?” Its messaging is strong and consistent, leaving little room to doubt the author’s intent. “Yes,” it says, with the clarity of a dinner bell. “You should.”


Poetry has a way of communicating messages that headlines and panicked health officials cannot. If the pleas of global leaders aren’t convincing you, maybe Samuel L. Jackson in a purple Kangol is.

As you stagger around your apartment, wondering whether you should bear hug a stranger or lick a shopping cart, let the unwavering baritone of Mr. Jackson’s voice guide you through this time of uncertainty: Stay the fuck at home. 

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I am going to share this with everyone I know who is not, in fact, staying the fuck at home. And I am delighted that Mr. Jackson is staying at home because he is a national treasure.