Same-Sex Vulture Couple Adopts Chick in Zoo

A pair of male griffon vultures at the Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo who have been a couple since 2010 have decided to settle down and make some room in their nest and, more importantly, their hearts, and raise a chick of their own, according to CBS/AP.


In a statement, the zoo announced that keepers found an abandoned egg and let the bro-friends have at it. They took turns sitting on the egg till it hatched and now are feeding it by throwing up in its mouth—not because they are deviant gay sluts, mind you, but because that’s what birds do.

The zoo’s press release on the matter is in Dutch, but its Google translation suggests that “ARTIS is investigating the possibility of putting the two chicks out in the wild.” I don’t know where the other chick came from, but I’m sure the little one with two dads will do just fine, and in all likelihood be happier and healthier than its peers.


The adult males have, for the time being, put their yearly trips to Fire Island (as well as their frequent complaining on Facebook about other gay vultures who also frequent Fire Island) on hold to care for their newborn.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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