Same-Sex Couple Sues Neighbor For Alleged Hate-Crime

Carol Ann and Laura Stutte are suing the neighbor they say burned down their house...because they were gay.

The fire took place five months ago, but the insurance company has not acted and the FBI has not determined the act to be a hate crime — despite the fact that the word "Queers" was found spray-painted on the couple's garage after the fire. The Tennessee couple is suing one Janice Millsaps, and, it must be said, the circumstantial evidence is damning. The Stuttes say the neighbor had harassed and threatened them for months and, says Metropulse,

The complaint does allege taunts made by Millsaps that specifically targeted the Stuttes' sexual orientation. For example, a month before the fire, on Aug. 4, they allege, Millsaps, whose double wide mobile home rests about 20 feet from the gate leading to the Stuttes' property, approached them as they stopped to close their front gate. She poked at the Stuttes, alleges the complaint, and asked them, "Do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers." The complaint notes that she then threatened to burn their house down, laughed, and returned to her house.


The Stuttes say the Insurance company has abandoned them and left them, their daughter and their three dogs to fend for themselves — suggesting they return to their land, sans home and next door to their alleged arsonist — and that they'd be in deep trouble were it not for "our hidden card, the support of the LGBT community." The suit would not only provide financial compensation, but would provide an injunction banning their neighbor — and making them feel safe enough to go home. But for now, the case is in the hands of

Same-Gender Couple Carol Ann And Laura Stutte Sue Alleged Arsonist [Metropulse]

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