Samantha Bee Wants to Know What Exactly These Bernie or Bust Motherfuckers Want

Last night on Full Frontal, host Samantha Bee did a postmortem of the DNC, examining the highest of highs—the Democratic party nominated a woman as their presidential candidate for the very first time!—and the lowest of lows—Bernie or Bust protesters heckled civil rights pioneer John Lewis as he tried to speak to Tamron Hall...


So what do the protesters outside the DNC want now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton and she’s cinched the nomination? The answer, depressingly, is Donald Trump.

Asked by producer/correspondent Allana Harkin about what Clinton could do to win her vote, one Bernie or Buster responded, “Nothing. Crawl in hole. Yeah, drop to hell where she belongs.”

“If they didn’t want Trump to win, they should have let Bernie have the nomination,” suggested a woman who is as good at wearing a creepy Bernie Sanders mask as she is bad at understanding democracy.

“I would sooner vote for Donald Trump than I would Hillary Clinton,” said one angry young man, which suggests that he, much like his fellow protesters, doesn’t seem to care all that much about what a Trump presidency could mean for people of color, immigrants, women, and gay people.

But take heart, my friends. The vast majority of Bernie supporters (73%) are not this dumb.



I feel weird for liking Hillary Clinton. I knows it's an unpopular position. She reminds me of my mom in a good way.