Samantha Bee On the Vanity Fair Photo Shoot She Was Excluded From

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In September, Vanity Fair ran a story in which 10 male late-night hosts were featured and referred to as, “all of the titans of late night television.” As expected, the internet blew up at the lack of women in the portrait, especially the absence of one particular fixture from late night TV. Samantha Bee, a longtime correspondent of The Daily Show and host of the upcoming TBS late-night show Full Frontal, tweeted a response. It read, “BETTER,” and was accompanied by an altered version of the Vanity Fair picture. Her own image was added in, but Photoshopped onto the body of a centaur shooting laser beams out of its eyes. This mythological version of Bee was clearly the missing titan.


In an interview with the Daily Beast, Bee discussed her initial reaction to the photo, which happened during an outing at a pumpkin patch with her children. “I got so mad I literally sat over by the cider donuts and sent that tweet,” said Bee. “I was like, ‘I WON’T BE IGNORED!’”


This was even better:

“I already had a picture of myself as a laser-eyes centaur in my photos. For some reason it was made a lot earlier, and it was just there sitting and waiting.”

Perfection. After a twelve-year stint, Bee left The Daily Show in May. The much-anticipated Full Frontal will debut in January on TBS.

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The Ancient Booer

Now I’m wondering why I don’t have a photo of myself as a laser-eyed centaur just waiting at the ready in my Camera Roll.