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Samantha Bee & Hubby: "Hippies At Heart"

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In a swell interview with Babble, Daily Show funny lady Samantha Bee talks motherhood and office sex with fellow correspondent Jason Jones. We extract the highlights for you.


Bee and Jones live with two-year-old Piper and seven-month-old Fletcher in a Manhattan one-bedroom. Despite being a woman who "was never the kind of person who would make googly eyes at other people's babies, ever," Bee's take on parenting seems relaxed and down-to-earth.

On space:

Four people and a cat. Don't forget the cat. I know. It's insane. Jason and I are just lucky that we have an office that we share so we can have sex at work. [Laughs.] We were in a two-bedroom for a while when we just had our daughter, but we didn't use the second bedroom at all. We all slept in the same room anyway. Jason and I kind of like having our children in the same room with us at night. We like knowing where they are at all times and we're lucky that we like it. We would go crazy if we didn't...We're hippies at heart and the truth is, we enjoy each other's company. We're very very lucky we like each other, because we work together A LOT in small spaces.


On nursing: "I breastfeed my children until they can ask for it by name. I don't get too worried about the minutiae and I just go with my instincts. That's working for us so far."

On TDS: "The Daily Show has been amazing, because they are so relaxed about bringing our children to work. We bring our kids to work all the time."

On child actors: "I hope to God that they don't go into the performing arts. I pray for all of our sakes, because when I'm old, I would like to be put up in a good-quality nursing home and they won't be able to afford it if they go into theater...Children already feel like they're the center of the universe. They don't need a whole network of people encouraging that on top of what they already feel."

Samantha Bee [Babble]

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Um...I like her and Jason Jones, but the kid is 2? Time for his own bedroom.