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Samantha Bee Gets a Federally Funded Penis Pump Stuck to her Face

Illustration for article titled Samantha Bee Gets a Federally Funded Penis Pump Stuck to her Face

One of the most repeated shouting points against Obamacare's birth control mandate comes from politicians on the right who claim that "their" tax dollars shouldn't go to support "sexual choices" of women who use whore pills. Meanwhile, the same politicians are eerily silent about the millions of dollars per year the federal goverment spends on penis pumps for the old men whose dicks no longer work. Who better to comment on this silly, dick-based hypocrisy than The Daily Show's Samantha Bee?


Bee visits with NARAL's Ilyse Hogue, who explains that over the past 5 years, Medicare has spent $170 million on penis pumps, which, at more than $300 apiece, exist for the express purpose of getting dicks hard. Which is fine! Hard dicks can be fun, as this fabulous relationship counselor featured in the clip insists.


What isn't fun, however, is the fact that while no one in Washington debates the importance of a dick that's like "OK GUYS I'M HERE AND READY 2 FUCK!," hours and hours of TV punditry and Capitol Hill grandstanding have been devoted to making a case against hormonal contraceptives, which women often use for nonsexual purposes. It's one of those TDS segments that causes angerlaughter, which is like normal laughter except you hate people a little bit more after you're done.

And then Sam Bee saves it by getting a penis pump stuck to her face.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

How long has Sam Bee been a Daily Show correspondent? She's awesome, but I'm surprised she hasn't spun the gig into anything else.