Samantha Bee Cannot Handle the Truth About Women, Rapists and Children

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You’d think legislation to guarantee women who have been raped full custody of the children born of those rapes would be pretty easy to pass right? Well, as Samantha Bee learned on The Daily Show Wednesday night, not so much.

Bee spoke with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Shauna Prewitt, an advocate for women to have the right to full custody of their children without going through a legal battle for them, an issue some states have prevented but a startlingly large number of others have not. Wasserman Schultz’s Rape Survivor Child Custody Act had bipartisan support, but as Bee frustratingly found out, the original bill didn’t pass because it “actually spends money” — $5 million a year for five years, to be specific.


That $5 million is basically the same amount our federal government spends on other arguably less important issues. Cue the necessary presence of small mammals to make you feel better (and our undying love for Samantha Bee).

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So let’s just get this straight... many states (and many republicans) don’t want to let women who get pregnant from rape have abortions, BUT they are ok with letting that child live with an abusive and dangerous person.

Will someone please explain this logic to me, because really the only logic I see is “because republican”