Salma Hayek: Frida Doesn't Need This Barbie Makeover

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Frida Kahlo–artist who fucked conventions and carved a revolutionary existence of sexual liberation and radical politics out of torment and critical thought–has been honored by Mattel as an “Inspiring Woman™” with a namesake Barbie, available for $29.99.


Salma Hayek, who played Kahlo in her 2002 biopic, is not having this.


The “Barbie® Inspiring Women™ Series” and “Sheroes,” part of Mattel’s larger #MoreRoleModels campaign, imagines what women who defied gender conventions of their time might look like with 1:1 lip ratios and all the same body types–but oh my GOD, there’s a Frida Kahlo Corporation which purports to own the rights to Frida Kahlo’s name, so that’s how they did it. In an Instagram post on Sunday, Hayek protested that Kahlo stood for non-conformity, and Barbie is all about conformity. And capitalism, if you like. She writes:

#fridakahlo never tried to be or look like anyone else. She celebrated her uniqueness. How could they turn her into a Barbie No puedo creer que hayan hecho una Barbie de nuestra Friducha que nunca trató de parecerse a nadie y siempre celebró su originalidad 👎👎#body image

Kahlo’s great-grandniece told the BBC that she would at least like to see a redesign. People are generally irked that they shaved her eyebrows.

The rest are also Barbies.

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Notorious GIGI

I can’t be the only woman who loved Barbies and grew up to be an independent, successful, queer feminist with high self-esteem. I would have adored a Frida doll. When I was a kid the best Barbie I had was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We never had anything this cool. If I ever have a kid who likes to play with dolls, I’ll totally buy them Frida Kahlo Barbie.

eta you guys look at her dresssss. Also she does in fact appear to have a unibrow.

Both pics from Mattel’s website.