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Salahis To Crash Our TVs

Illustration for article titled Salahis To Crash Our TVs

This is how you make it in America: Noted White House party-crashers Tareq and Michaela Salahi will be "the most visible members" of Bravo's upcoming series The Real Housewives of D.C. Meanwhile, Desiree Rogers is unemployed. [The Daily Beast]


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Little Green Frog

OK, this is it. I am so disappointed in humanity right now.

These people broke the LAW. They have absolutely no respect for items in place that keep us and our president safe.

They are the embodiment to the "ME" philosophy. And yet, they are being rewarded with exactly what they wanted.

I'm disgusted on so many levels: Bravo for going ahead and showing this, the Salahis for not owning up to it or being even a little remorseful about it, and the WH and authorities for choosing not to prosecute them or even give them a fine.

THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT ALL. And that my friends, is the real American Dream.

(and no, I am not getting off my high horse. I do not trespass people's property).