SAG-AFTRA Letter Claims BET Is Screwing Over Gabrielle Union and Being Mary Jane Cast

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SAG-AFTRA has reportedly gotten involved in Gabrielle Union’s lawsuit against BET over her series Being Mary Jane, with claims that the regular cast has also been subject to unfair production scheduling.


Union’s contract-breach lawsuit, filed last week, alleges that BET called for her to shoot 20 episodes of the show’s fourth and fifth season without a break in between as promised. According to Deadline, the union sent a “grievance letter” about the contract issues to BET’s parent company Viacom on Thursday:

The October 13 letter to Viacom’s Labor Relations department charges the media giant’s subsidiary Breakdown Productions inappropriately tried to exercise contract options on Union, Richard Roundtree and other Being Mary Jane cast members. Already in production on Season 4, BET want to produce that cycle and Season 5 of the hit drama back-to-back – a move that sparked Union’s lawsuit of [sic] earlier this week.


Production on the fourth season has seemingly halted while the lawsuit and contract issues get hashed out. SAG-AFTRA is reportedly requesting re-negotiations and rate increases for the actors.

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I have nothing to add to this conversation other than that Gabrielle will be 44 this month. 44!