Sad White Men Throw Confederate Flag Tantrum By Lying Face Down

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For the non-ironic Confederate flag-humper, there were the protests last week outside in the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina, where literally dozens of people celebrated coming in second during the Civil War. And for the semi-ironic Confederate flag-humper, there’s #TakeUsDown, a hashtag organized by Fox News’ cool friend.

#TakeUsDown is a response to #TakeDownThatFlag; it was organized by a man perpetually working on his hipster bigot Colonel Sanders Halloween costume. As blog site Gawker points out, #TakeUsDown looks like planking, kind of, in that it involves a large number of humor-challenged people lying on the floor. But they have one over on planking, because instead of looking stupid for no reason, these people are looking stupid for the important cause of doing their best impression of what they imagine your average white-guilt bleeding-heart libtard to do when he gets home.

Everyone looks very cool:


Very suave:

Great at joke construction:


As red-blooded hetero as they all so rigorously insist:


Not at all confused about the social movements going on in America, very much in on the discourse, totally get it:


Yes. Just like that. Stay there. No, don’t get up, really.

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Bears for President

So...what, they’re doing their impressions of their favourite confederate soldiers?