Sad Studies: Thinspiration Starts Young

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A recent experiment found that, when asked to pick their "ideal body shape," more than half of the participating six-year-olds chose the skinniest option, which was more than three sizes smaller than the "real image." [Telegraph]



My 14-year-old niece has been extremely skinny since she's been about 10 or so. It's not a genetic thing either, nobody in the family is that skinny. She just refuses to eat much of anything. It's weird though cause she loves to bake!

The mom mentioned that the girl's soccer coach was telling the team what to eat and what not to eat. To me, these girls are too young to start restricting themselves this much. Although I think the niece is overdoing it, because none of her teammates are as thin as she is.

To make it worse, she's now broken her ankle during soccer for a second time. Her body type is just so~~ "fragile" is what I think of. She loves playing, but I don't know what kind of future she'll have if she keeps injuring herself because she's so deliberately underweight.