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Sad: Stacey Dash Is Out of a Job at Fox News

Illustration for article titled Sad: Stacey Dash Is Out of a Job at Fox News

Former star of Vh1's Single Ladies, Stacey Dash, is no longer a talking head for Fox News. She was reportedly fired a while ago.


Dash’s fuckery was quietly phased out last fall, a network rep told The Hollywood Reporter, which described Fox as “downplaying the exit.” The last time Dash chirped loudly and wrongly for the network on air was in September 2016, after which Fox News decided not to renew her contract, despite the attention she’d brought them as their official black simpleton for two years.

A few of her greatest media hits: Stacey Dash Accuses BET of Racism, Calls Jesse Williams a ‘Hollywood Plantation Slave; Stacey Dash Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Street’; Stacey Dash Files Police Report Against Harasser, Tells Women ‘Do Not Be a Victim.’ Dash was once suspended from Fox News, in 2015, after she said “shit” on air while attacking Barack Obama, language that was deemed “completely inappropriate and unacceptable” for Fox News, where only powerful flowery language is used. Nonetheless, Dash’s Twitter profile still currently lists her as a “@FoxNews contributor,” just another thing she’s wrong about.


Culture Editor, Jezebel

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The Noble Renard

In case anyone had any doubt about Fox’s plan for a Trump administration, it’s clear; double down on the useful idiots and sycophants and transform further into the Trump News Network.

In other news, today they also fired George Will and replaced him with Nigel fucking Farage. What is it with American conservatives that just adore an old-school colonialist Briton?