Sad About So You Think You Can Dance? Come Bond with Me.

I tend to avoid talent competition shows. Not because they're too low-brow or I don't like reality tv (nothing is too low-brow for me and I love reality tv). I avoid them for the same reason I avoid watching sports — I get too invested and tend to get my heart broken. Once I love you and root for you, your loss is my loss.


And unfortunately, my support is bad luck. If I want you to win, you will certainly lose (sorry, Adam Lambert) and no where was this more true than during last night's So You Think You Can Dance finale.

This season — season 10 — is the first season I've watched So You Think You Can Dance (or SYTYCD, as the INSIDERS call it) and — boy, let me tell you — I love it and I love it hard. Cat Deeley is clearly the warmest, most beautiful and kind person on this planet and Mary Murphy — O Captain! My Captain — is probably what God looks like, assuming that God exists. But more than anything, I've appreciated the dancing, maybe because I am not a great dancer myself (I quit ballet because classes conflicted with Friends episodes, which, let's be honest, is probably why I'm now a dough-y tv blogger instead of a strong and graceful ballerina) or maybe because the featured dancers are legitimately great. My money is on the latter.

Of the dancers, Aaron (a tapper) and Jasmine (a contemporary dancer) stood out, thanks to their strength, incredible control and onstage chemistry. Best of all, they were partnered with one another, which seemed almost unfair to the other dancers. (If you want proof of their skills, just watch their hip hop routine — linked up top — to Alicia Keys' "Tears Always Win." Fair warning: it might be the sexiest thing ever.)

Jasmine and Aaron made it to the final four, but were ultimately beat out by dancers Amy and Fik-Shun. While Amy and Fik-Shun are both incredible (their hip hop/bellhop routine has become my go-to for when I need to cheer up) and have given some of the best performances all season (never mind that they're both cute as buttons), I still have to say it: America chose wrong. Jasmine and Aaron should have won.

Aaron and Jasmine, you may have lost So You Think You Can Dance, but you have won my heart. Please be kind with it.



I am so pissed about these results. For one thing, Fik-shun genuinely grated on my nerves pretty much constantly. And while I don't think Aaron was helped out last week by the tap routine, and also sucking at the ballroom, I definitely liked him better than Fik-shun.

Jasmine was clearly the superior female dancer. Amy was literally one of like five indistinguishable white brunettes this year (of whom Makenzie was clearly the best), and though she was a fine dancer, her ability to dominate was essentially confined to once genre, vs. Jasmine who KILLED it in pretty much all genres. I have never been so mad at a season of SYTYCD, and I've been watching since Season 2.

I'm kind of sad that this was your first season. I found it incredibly inferior to the others, tbh, even though the top 6 female dancers were probably the best crop of straight dancers that they've had.