Ryan Adams Is Covering All of Taylor Swift's 1989

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Ryan Adams is apparently hanging around somewhere, recording covers of every song on Taylor Swift’s album 1989. This is great news to those of us who love Ryan Adams and also would like Taylor Swift’s music a lot better without Taylor Swift.


That’s according to Consequence of Sound, which points to his activity on Instagram. He posted a photo of the lyrics to “Welcome To New York” and promised, “Guaranteed saddest version of Welcome to New York ever - or your tears back.” He also described the covers “as played by the Smiths.” Which, yes, is a very Ryan Adams take on Taylor Swift. Here’s a snippet:


I look forward to the day when Ryan Adams appears onstage as one of Taylor’s posse and it kills me stone dead.

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YES. I, CatAss, unabashedly love Ryan Adams (even after that once concert where he was so fucked up he forgot a bunch of lyrics) and I will listen to this album like woah.