Ryan Adams Compares Taylor Swift To Shakespeare

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In a recent interview with The Guardian, Ryan Adams, pop musician and Taylor Swift cover artist, compared the blonde-mopped scribe of hits such as “Bad Blood” and “Our Song” to Shakespeare himself. This is sweet of him, and his comparison feels hyperbolic yet utterly genuine; he goes on to emphasize how much her music helped him through his divorce from Mandy Moore.

He compares himself and Swift to astronauts. “Some of us just go up and we work on the satellites, we do some space walks and we go back to Earth. Then there’s the Neil Armstrongs – those folks that go to the moon. They’re awesome. I’m just a dude who works on the satellites. And I’m happy with that. At least I get to go to space.”


What a lovely sentiment! At least in outer space, Swift wouldn’t be able to touch The Weeknd’s hair without asking.

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My favorite single from her album, 1589, is definitely Welcome to New Yorick. Shake it Out, Damned Spot takes a close second.