Ryan Adams Apologizes For His Rude Mandy Moore Tweets

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Sentient jean jacket and rockstar Ryan Adams was having a little Twitter spiral recently on the subject of his ex-wife Mandy Moore. On Wednesday he tweeted an article about Moore saying she “didn’t choose the right person” for her first marriage, responding “She didn’t like the Melvins or BladeRunner. Doomed from the start... If only I could remember the start lol.”


When a fan replied that his tweet was savage, he called Moore (or maybe his marriage, it’s unclear) a “soggy piece of cardboard.”

He went further the next day saying that none of his love songs were ever about Mandy Moore.

And in a now deleted tweet that Stereogum caught, Adams tweeted that he didn’t even remember marrying Moore. “When someone told me we got married I thought they were joking. Then I realized how many painkillers I was taking. Honestly there weren’t enough to numb the shock. Gollygooops,” he reportedly wrote.

After tweeting what seemed to be vague song lyrics erratically over the next day or two, Adams finally clarified that he was just joking about the Mandy Moore stuff and apologized for his tweets.


But it seems like he’s really going through it. As of Thursday he was reportedly speaking to a crisis counsellor.


Take it easy, Ryan, and please leave the hell site that is Twitter before it consumes you.

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What good has ever come out of Twitter? Has anyone ever walked into the twitter-verse, and come out thinking, “I’m glad I did that.”?