Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Armie Hammer Should Get Married

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They both share a strong disdain for Donald Trump. Their work-out routines are world-famous (though her’s a little more so). One of them loves strong women, and the other is among the strongest women in the world. It’s time to stop denying what the fates have long decided: Armie Hammer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg should get married.


Hammer, a 6'5" human sequoia, caught Ginsburg’s eye when he visited her chambers recently (that’s not a euphemism, though I very much wish it were). According to actress Felicity Jones, who plays the Supreme Court justice in biopic On the Basis of Sex, Ginsburg scoped out the actor who plays her late husband and (first) love of her life, Marty. “What was lovely was to see her eyes light up when she met Armie Hammer,” Jones told the Washington Post. “I knew in that moment that she was a human being.”

According to Jones, Hammer may have reminded Ginsburg of Marty, evidence that true love can strike twice.

Hammer, too, gushed about the perfect union—which he could, and should, pursue with Ginsburg. “They just had this amazing marriage where they were able to always fill any void that showed up,” he told Vulture. “If someone needed to do something, the other one would step in and assume the responsibility. It was this really healthy symbiosis.”

No matter that Hammer is married. By his own admission, love knows no boundaries: he met his current wife, Elizabeth Chambers, when she was dating another man. Hammer’s father, too, met his mother when she was in a relationship with someone else. What’s to keep him and Ruth, who are clearly in love, from moving forward towards marital bliss?

Just look at them together:


Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Armie Hammer should get married. Not just for love, but for democracy.


Cherith Cutestory

Martin Ginsburg aside, Justice Ginsburg has the worst taste in men.