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Russell Taylor, Jared Fogle's Partner in Child Exploitation, Gets 27 Years in Prison

Illustration for article titled Russell Taylor, Jared Fogles Partner in Child Exploitation, Gets 27 Years in Prison

Russell Taylor, the former head of the foundation started by Subway sandwich-hocker and extreme creep Jared Fogle, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison. Taylor pleaded guilty to charges of child exploitation and manufacturing child pornography. The prosecution sought a 35 year sentence.


The Associated Press reports that Taylor, 44, was sentenced Thursday afternoon. He pleaded guilty on charges of using hidden cameras in his home to illegally record 12 children. He gave the child pornography he recorded of eight different victims to Fogle. The AP adds that he will be on lifetime supervision after his release.

Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in November, after his lawyers unsuccessfully tried to argue that his sandwich-induced rapid weight loss made him a predator.


And nothing of value, as they say, was lost.

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Taylor in an undated booking photo via AP Images

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I don’t understand why child molesters and rapists don’t get longer sentences, I really don’t. I think their sentences should be on par with those for murder convictions (not including capital punishment, which I oppose). I mean, 27 years is a long ass time, but 15?