Updated: Russell Simmons's Jane Doe Lawsuit Is Not New

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Update, 6:15 p.m.: The Los Angeles Times reports that the original E! News report was unsubstantiated, according to both a spokesperson for Simmons and Jane Doe’s lawyer. The filing is not part of a new lawsuit but part of ongoing litigation concerning a previous lawsuit filed in March. The money is for “dismissal sanctions and appropriate legal fees.”

Everyone knows the best way to land some great publicity is to file a sexual assault lawsuit as a Jane Doe, right?


That’s at least what Russell Simmons, accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women, thinks according to a new lawsuit. E! News reports that Simmons filed a $35,000 lawsuit on August 6 against a Jane Doe who previously sued him for $10 million back in March. The producer’s reason for suing is because he believes Doe, who is ANONYMOUS, filed her lawsuit “for purposes of publicity, which this case has garnered.”

According to Jane Doe’s initial lawsuit, she alleged that she attended a concert with her son where she was approached by Simmons. After dropping off her son with a babysitter, Doe went to a nightclub with Simmons and followed him back to his hotel because he has to pick something up. At the hotel Doe alleges Simmons raped her, which he denied by providing the fact he had taken lie detector test. E! News reports that the lawsuit was dropped due to it being past the statue of limitations.

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There are just so many easier ways to get publicity. That’s what I don’t get about people like him and Bill Cosby. Being a rape survivor isn’t something that makes you famous or gets you publicity. Cosby raped like 50 women and the only one I know is Beverly Johnson and that’s because she’s already famous. I just don’t know a lot rape survivors who went on to become a huge fucking star. That is not a thing!