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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Russell Crowe, Alleged Mean Jerk, Once Told Rebel Wilson to 'Fuck Off'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rebel Wilson went on the Tonight Show last night and related a pre-fame encounter she had with noted concierge-lacerator Russell Crowe (masterful, commanding). Wilson had recently received the "Nicole Kidman Scholarship at the Australian Theatre for Young People" when she ran into the actual Nicole Kidman at a Sydney restaurant where she was dining with Crowe.

"I thought now is my chance to say thank you and I went up to them but before I could say anything Russell Crowe looked at me and says 'Fuck off'," she said. "So I just like put my head down and walked away. But thanks Nicole."

Wilson will host the MTV awards on Sunday where she revealed that she will perform with her Pitch Perfect cast mates.

"It's pretty full-on," she says about hosting. "I have to dance, I have to sing, I have to do jokes and I have to try to look hot ... that'll probably be the hardest one."

Gross, Crowe! Are you an actual crow? Did you think she was going to pilfer your baubles? I'm not saying that celebrities should make themselves 100% accessible to the public at all times, but you don't have to be a complete beast about it. Also, I have to say, I wish Wilson wouldn't play up the "I'm gross"/self-hating fatty thing so much. Because I love her. And she is obviously excellent. And some of us are working really hard to break down the "fat and hot are mutually exclusive" paradigm, and jokes like that don't help. So I guess what I'm saying, Rebel, is fuck ON. []


JK, looks like Diddy and Kate Upton aren't touching butts (SEXUALLY) after all.


Well, okey dokey then. That was a truly thrilling couple of hours. [TheCut]


Jenna Jameson's assistant says the erstwhile porn star attacked her with decorative iPhone brass knuckle thingies.

Shocking details of the arrest have now emerged in Britney Markham's restraining order request, filed by attorney Adam Krolikowski. She claims Jameson barged into a Newport Beach salon and started bitching at her, and eventually punched her in the stomach and back with the weaponized device.Markhan claims Jameson then threatened, "I'll f***ing kill you." The assistant says she definitely was the worse for wear, landing in the hospital.Here's the thing: Brass knuckles are illegal in California, so Jameson could be in felony territory ... but she has an interesting defense — the brass-ass add-ons are an accessory, not a weapon.


Something in Jenna Jameson's life is not going great. [TMZ]


Gaaahhhhh, Amanda Bynes says she's suing "every news source that's saying I'm doing anything wrong." (Again.)


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. [E!]

  • Nate Berkus proposed to his boyfriend of eight months—Rachel Zoe's former assistant Jeremiah Brent. [DailyMail]

    Here are Vince Vaughn's SNL promos, if you like Vince Vaughn, SNL, and promos. [Crushable]

    "Mayor Bloomberg and Jimmy Carter Having a Staring Contest." [NYMag]

    Halle Berry promises that she's going to keep working after her baby is born, because "Mama cannot take time off!" Duly noted. [E!]

    Recent "swatting" victim Russell Brand says he doesn't really understand what swatting is, but if he were an idiot teenager he would probably do it too:

    "What would be bad would be if the police were attending a swatting and then an actual crime happened and it took the police too long to get there because they were doing a swatting," he said before quickly returning to form and adding, "But other than that, it does sound like a laugh."

    I can't help it. I love him. I do. [E!]

    Lindsay Lohan has chosen a "party hot spot" for her rehab stint. So, Mykonos or something, I guess. (Not watching the TMZ video and you can't make me.) [TMZ]

    Rick Ross is dumping the rape verse from his song "because of the type of traction that the record has," which I think just means, "Stop yelling at me." [Vulture]

    Snooki says she totally didn't use laxatives and lettuce to lose her baby weight, as was reported by the bloidz today: "Star mag, shame on u for that RIDICULOUS article. I literally worked my ass off in the gym for my toned, HEALTHY body. Get ur facts right." Literally. She literally worked her ass OFF. [E!]

    I have so many cute things for you today. [IMPORTANT #1]


    My forthcoming autobiography will be called This Kitty: A Life.