Russell Brand & The Homoerotic Hillbilly Incident

Last night Russell Brand talked to Jimmy Fallon about a Noam Chomsky conversation he had in a field with a "slack-jawed, cap-wearing, gap-toothed" Midwesterner. One thing led to another! Clip at left.

Earlier: Russell Brand On Letterman: Hirsute & Hilarious But Not Homosexual
Man's Search For Meaning

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It never fails to amaze me how people are irresistably drawn to comment on a post about how much they dislike/express scorn for/denigrate and/or describe how much they aren't attracted to a particular person, despite listing all the reasons they don't like, don't find funny, or find repulsive about that particular person.

Personally, if I don't like/am repulsed by/don't find funny in any way/am determined to hate someone, I just ignore posts about them.

Because I just don't have enough time in the day to spend hating people in copy, on the internet, for the primary reason of starting hate threads.

But that's just me!