Rupert Murdoch Tabloid Officially Apologizes For Hacking Into Everyone's Voice Mails

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Rupert Murdoch's tabloid magazine British Sunday has issued an official apology for hacking into voice mails of celebrities, politicians, and "royal household staff." The weekly paper has offered compensation and "apologized unreservedly" for the "unacceptable hacking." Apparently, The New York Times had alleged in a story last year that "far from Goodman and Mulcaire being lone culprits, phone hacking was common practice at the newspaper." Several victims of the hacking are currently suing the publication. [CNN]


In "How did I not know about this???" news, the first of four concert performances of the Stephen Sondheim-George Furth musical Company kicked off at NYC's Avery Fisher Hall this week. The cast includes: Christina Hendricks, Jon Cryer, Neil Patrick Harris, Patti LuPone, Stephen Colbert, Martha Plimpton, nearly every awesome person on the planet, etc. [ONTD]

Thank goodness. Dancer Mark Ballas offers "comfort" to recent American Idol cast-off Pia Toscano with a date at a local mall. [TMZ]

  • Vanessa Judgens says she will only get more tattoos if her Mom agrees to come with her. [People]
  • Hugh Hefner just turned 85 and his son turned 21 the very next day. [Radar]
  • Mila Kunis has been "pre-approved" by Chuckles' other goddesses. Lucky girl. [Just Jared]
  • Rumor has it that Britney Spears will be featured on Rihanna's S&M Remix. [ONTD]
  • Ellen Page, hidden talent, juggling, etc. [Just Jared]
  • Mad Men star Christina Hendricks inspires bra that covers "unsightly bra bulge." [Daily Mail]
  • The upcoming William and Kate movie will contain a scene showing "the royal bride-to-be in a bathtub drinking a glass of wine and crying." [Daily Mail]
  • Kate Middleton (the doll) goes shopping. [People]
  • Chris Meloni says Mariska Hargitay was "a little stressy stressy" during the adoption process. [US]
  • Sandra Bullock spends some time in NYC with her son Louis (who just so happens to be wearing an excellent hat). [Just Jared]
  • Amanda Seyfried wants a little respect for her role in Red Riding Hood. [Digital Spy]



WHAT IS STEPHEN COLBERT'S LIFE? In the last TWO weeks - Oh, here's my mock political satire show, then I have to run over to sing Rebecca Black's Friday parody with Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, American Idol-winner Taylor Hicks, and the Knicks Dancers on Late Night and then I have rehearsal for my NY Philharmonic debut with Tony Award winners. Also, I was just chilling at the Comedy Awards with Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Eddie Murphy, Dave Letterman, Bill Murray, and of course I'm ridiculously happily married and have three incredible kids. And he teaches Sunday school.