RuPaul's 1993 Christmas Spectacular Is Your New Favorite Holiday Special

RuPaul's Christmas Ball was shot for VH1 in 1993, but now that I've discovered it (thanks, Eliot!), I'm pretty sure it's more entertaining than any Christmas special, ever. Not only does it feature RuPaul herself, but other insanely fierce celebrities of the time: Elton John, Taylor Dane, Boy George, Laura Kightlinger, and ...Nirvana?! You'll also see LaToya Jackson wearing the same blonde-wig, red-dress getup that Ru is wearing, which obviously leads to a diva-off. (On a related note: does anybody know where I can find a copy of Step Up With LaToya? I've been meaning to get into a new at-home exercise routine.) If you've got an extra 50 minutes today, just watch. I guarantee you'll be filled with holiday cheer.


[Via Vulture]

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In the man with green hair Michael Alig?