RuPaul Offers Questionable Advice to Courtney Stodden: Be Like Marilyn

RuPaul has a lot of good advice for Courtney Stodden, and I’m sure if you watch this video more than once, you’ll detect how insightful and empathetic a showbiz guru he is. But. The one overshadowing moment in this installment of “RuPaul Drives” is when Courtney Stodden explains why her puppy’s name is “Dourtney.”

Wanna guess the etymology of that name?? You’d think maybe it’s a combination of Courtney’s name with the name of her husband, Doug Hutchinson. But you’d be wrong, wrong, wrong, because Dourtney is actually an amalgamation of the English word “dog,” meaning a fuzzy, adorable canine, and “Courtney,” a name that has colloquially become associated with the act or state of cringing.


[h/t World of Wonder]

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