Crazy, right? It’s 2018.

Well on Friday, it finally happened; by the power vested in the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, RuPaul was awarded his Hollywood Star and rightful place amongst the Gods.


Jane Fonda, whose image as Barbarella on the cover of LIFE Magazine was his original drag inspiration in 1968, made the introduction. “I think it should be three sizes bigger than any other star on the walk of fame,” she said.

“This is absolutely the most important moment in my professional career,” he said in a teary acceptance speech.


Earlier Friday, he told Ellen DeGeneres that it’s like “being knighted.”

It’s like being on a Hollywood Star.

Condragulations to RuPaul! But really, condragulations to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is now considerably more fierce.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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