Rudy Giuliani Told a Story So Disgusting That Even Steve Bannon Found it Inappropriate

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Unfortunately, former Trump lackey Rudy Giuliani has not melted enough to render him incapable of speech and has found a uniquely vile place to spew sexist bullshit: Steve Bannon’s podcast. Bannon decided to use his platform for a tribute episode on Thursday in remembrance of his repulsive pal, Rush Limbaugh. Toward the end of a segment, Giuliani decided to tell a story about time he and Limbaugh had spent on a golf course. The entire exchange was so grossly inappropriate that even Steve Bannon was visibly uncomfortable and confused.

Giuliani told a story about watching pro-golfer Michelle Wie West in 2015, a year after she’d won the U.S Open. He described Wie West as having a “strange putting stance” and claimed the way she would bend over allowed him to see her “panties.” Though Giuliani referred to the tale as “a joke,” it had absolutely no punchline and lacked the narrative tension required for a story. It had no point. At the end of the monologue, Giuliani asked if his detour had been acceptable, to which an exasperated Bannon replied, “We already told it.”


Also unamused by this “joke” was Michelle Wie West herself, who posted on Twitter that Giuliani had actually spoken to her that day and was horrified to discover that he’d been commenting on her attire behind her back. She also offered a helpful fact-check: “Nike makes skirts with shorts built-in for this exact that women can feel confident and comfortable playing a game that we love.” Wie West added that her stance, which non-professional golfer Giuliani thought was so strange, was specifically designed to improve her stats and “not an invitation to look up my skirt.” But congrats to Giuliani for somehow sinking too low for actual gremlin, Steve Bannon.

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the guy farted during a voter fraud hearing...was photographed with some awful mix of hair coloring and sweat running down his head...was filmed thinking he was going to have sex with the underage woman interviewing him...all within the past 6 months!  hearing him yuk it up with another gross old man with delusions of grandeur is no surprise but wow, has anyone had a more precipitous fall from grace than Rudy?  It’s just astonishing.  He and Dershowitz should do the world a favor and recreate the end of Thelma and Louise into the Hudson River.