Rudy Giuliani Is Leaking [UPDATE]

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Image: Mandel Ngan (Getty Images)

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and longtime idiot currently heading up President Trump’s fruitless election-related legal challenges, appeared to be sweating out his hair dye during a Thursday afternoon press conference in Washington, D.C.


The excitement of falsely claiming that it was statistically impossible for Trump to lose Pennsylvania, insisting Republicans must investigate voter fraud in big urban cities run by Democrats (in other words, where Black people live), and using a courtroom scene from My Cousin Vinny to argue that election observers were too far away from ballot counters was simply too much to handle. Giuliani began to sweat profusely, and some black hair dye came along for the ride.

He was literally a hot mess.

Giuliani eventually took a break from rambling about the Democratic Party’s “communist” plot to turn the United States into Venezuela and dabbed his head with a handkerchief. But someone needs to tell him that GLH canned hair has its limitations:

Update, 2:25 p.m.: Whoever was running the stream for this presser on the official Trump Youtube account forgot to turn their own audio off. A man is heard snickering, “You see fuckin’—fuckin’ Rudy’s hair dye dripping down his face?”



The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

I mean, haha, but we should not be laughing at the fact that Trump and Giuliani are now openly pressuring state and local GOP officials in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania to ignore the election results and declare him the winner. This is looking like it may come down to the degree to which those officials are willing to ignore their constitutional responsibilities and how far the Supreme Court is willing to let that happen, neither of which fills me with confidence when Trump is calling these people directly and pointing the barrel of the right-wing media machine directly at their temples.