Royals Cave Before American Media's Slobbishness

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On the agenda for Prince William's upcoming visit to the States: a chat with President Obama. And despite previous reports, Buckingham Palace will not demand that American journalists dress properly because that's the White House's job and if you yanks can't be bothered to dress for your own bloody head of state, well, I don't know what to tell you.


A couple of weeks ago, in advance of Prince William popping down to D.C. for the day, Politico spotted the official dress code for journalists covering the royals during "formal events," which stipulates jacket and tie for the gents and "a trouser or skirt suit" for women. "Those wearing jeans or trainers will not be admitted and casually dressed members of the media will be turned away." Technicians, too, equipment notwithstanding. This was received rather poorly, even though the D.C. press corps doesn't exactly run around in Juicy sweatsuits, because reporters generally loathe being told what to do. Also: FUCKIN AMERICA, MOTHERFUCKER.

Well, a palace spokesperson told the Guardian (h/t Politico) that they're not actually gonna fuck with any of that:

"It will be down to the White House, as the host, to set the dress code for what media should be wearing," the spokesman said. He confirmed that reporters wearing jeans or informal footwear would not be turned away. "Of course they're not," he said.


And the White House confirmed there'd be no "special or different dress code."

Congrats, you slobs.

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Emma Golddigger

This is the first time in recent memory I've been proud of my country. Never worked a day in your life and you're trying to tell working people how to dress? Eat an inbred dick. If I ever met the royal family I would show up wearing nothing but a soiled diaper and an American flag pin. For freedom. (Not really, I'm too much of a pussy.)