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The royal wedding contagion has gone international and spread to Monaco.

According to People, the latest royal engagement is Louis Ducruet. Yes, I hear your befuddled “who???” His mother is Monaco’s Princess Stéphanie, which means his grandmother was Princess Grace, i.e. the original American actress who married a prince, bringing this news full circle.


People provided more details about Ducruet and his betrothed:

The 25-year-old attended business school in France and in 2015, received his bachelor’s degree in sports management from Western Carolina University in North Carolina.

Since graduation, Louis —nephew of Prince Albert II and 12th in line of succession to the throne — has worked for Monaco’s championship soccer team, AS Monaco, serving as a recruiter for the club for the past two seasons.

Louis and his fiancée were classmates at Western Carolina, meeting over four years ago. The bride-to-be holds a marketing degree from the school, and currently works as the banqueting and convention coordinator at the celebrated Hotel Hermitage in Monaco.

No date has been set.

Anyway, not to be left out—and only encouraging my mental image of royals across Europe frantically texting their publicists, demanding they be made to look cool and hip and newsworthy—Prince William posed for a picture on a motorcycle. Who’s next? Spain? Sweden?




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